Distributors: the value of our networks

Distribution networks are a key and valuable asset for our business model. Their role is to deal with and assist customers at their best, striving for customer experience excellence and promoting the Generali brand. For this reason, we hold a regular, ongoing dialogue with them.

We operate through a multi-channel distribution strategy based on agents - our main network - financial advisors, brokers, direct channels (the internet and call centres) where we are the leaders in Europe, and bancassurance agreements.

We launched the Group Distribution Experience programme to help business units improve network effectiveness, offering them a simpler and smarter approach.

Alongside the T-NPS (Transactional Net Promoter Score), reserved for our clients, we conducted the R-NPS (Relational Net Promoter Score) to identify the satisfaction level of agents, brokers, bancassurance channels, financial advisors and other sales networks, receiving over 7,800 feedback from 17 business units. The listening programme, which will continue throughout 2017, has already allowed us to receive useful details for identifying improvement areas. In particular:

  • sales and marketing support tools
  • quick problem solving and process management
  • clear communication
  • training and coaching
  • value proposition (remuneration and product offer).

We have already implemented a number of targeted or structural actions which have improved the operations of our distributors.

Following the actions taken, satisfaction levels rose and the number of detractors decreased within our networks, an important factor in increasing their loyalty towards the Group.

Within our distribution networks, we specifically worked with our agents - who represent one of the Group’s major strengths - in order to improve the tools provided to them and to increase their skills, taking into account customer evolution and new digital interaction approaches.

Relations with distributors


Exclusive sales network

in Europe 100,000 people

in the rest of the world 51,000 people

Digital Agent is a programme designed to help our agents manage and increase their distribution activities also through web and mobile channels and social media. In order to quickly set up the programme, we use the support of leading technological players, during a first pilot phase that focuses on local markets.
The programme allows our agents to:

  • interact with clients through digital channels
  • be more closely connected to clients
  • respond more quickly
  • monitor and measure the services provided.

Agents can choose whether to send an email or sms, chat online with clients visiting their website or set up campaigns on Google AdWords. Agents’ websites can be changed and customised to meet local needs and, thanks to real-time notifications, our distributors can intervene promptly also with activities focusing on individual clients.
The project is under way in all our leading markets. In Spain, web and mobile tools have already been implemented and are also being finalised in France, Austria, Argentina, Switzerland and Indonesia. Social platforms were implemented in Italy and Indonesia, are in progress in the Czech Republic and planned for Vietnam and Switzerland.


After successfully completing the largest integration plan in the insurance industry in Europe, Generali Italia has entered the second phase of development to become the market leader with the best customer experience. The core of this new phase is based on setting up a three year simplification programme (2016-2018) which completely redefines the processes that have a greater impact on the relationship with clients and agents. The simplification plan was presented to 4,500 agents and consultants gathered in Rome for the first time together, after completion of the integration, on a day that also launched a new way of organising conventions.

Semplicemente Generali Italia was a participatory event where the plenary session was followed by activities focused on gaining knowledge, sharing and exploring 16 thematic areas and by a number of TED talk-based meetings. Simplification in customer relations and the creation of new simpler and faster processes enable more than 12,000 Generali Italia insurance consultants to focus on analysing client needs, on building an offer tailored to their habits and on offering more innovative and accessible post-sales and assistance services. A Simpler, Smarter. Faster approach is based on the co-design with clients and agents. It envisages a new way of working inside the company with the active involvement of both clients and agents during all stages, through focus groups, tests and simulations.

European legislation has provided for greater transparency with regard to remuneration, the transparency of information provided to customers, relationships with distributors, and the management and monitoring of both new and existing products.

In order to respond to the new challenges from the legislation, we launched the LISA Listen, Advise project, based on the concept of customer centricity. LISA is a training programme that involves our agents and business units, and is based on the following vision - “help me today and support me always: let’s build long-term trust by defining effective solutions during the entire relationship and taking care to add value to our clients’ lifestyle”.

We are working with our distributors and managers to acquire a more consulting-based approach as to interpret the clients’ needs and take their perspective. This approach is also a response to the market’s delicate situation, especially as regards unit-linked and protection products which require high levels of information and consulting. The first pilot project was launched in Germany, Italy and Slovakia, involving 300 agents.