We want to play an active role in promoting the transition towards a more sustainable economy and society.
We take concrete actions to respond to climate change that has a serious global impact and significant effects on our business. In doing so we comply with our mission as an insurer by preventing risks and developing the best solutions to handle them.

Climate change and natural disasters


What happened in the world in 2016

  • Paris Agreement become effective, in an incredibly short time
  • COP22 to continue the negotiations on the climate commitments by countries (NDCs)
  • 48 countries committed to using 100% of renewable energy by 2050
  • Ban of HFC refrigerating gases (production and use)


Financing the Future

Financing the Future, the report of the Italian Dialogue on Sustainable Finance was presented in Rome on 6 February 2017. The report is the result of the work promoted by UNEP and the Ministry of the Environment together with financial companies and associations.

Generali contributed to the work group by presenting experiences and development perspectives on insurance and asset management.

To demonstrate the importance of the issue in Italy, UNEP will support the G7 Italian Presidency in 2017 on the theme of Green Finance.