Health and safety

As insurers, we take care of people’s health and the risks that may threaten it, whether through illness or as the result of an accident, especially road accidents.

For this reason, an important part of the initiatives supported consists of:

  • activities that raise awareness and provide education on the active aging of the population, the prevention of illness and addiction, maternal and neonatal health, and the adoption of healthy lifestyles. Amateur sports initiatives are also included, in particular those targeting children and young people
  • education/awareness initiatives to improve road safety and activities to support people involved in accidents.

On 21 September, Generali supported the EDWARD - European Day Without a Road Death event, promoted by the European Commission and aimed at obtaining a European day without road victims. EDWARD was part of the European Mobility Week which was held from 16 to 22 September 2016 to foster new patterns of mobility and innovative strategies to create a sustainable transport system in Europe.

for practical and useful advice to discover how driving safely and carefully not only often saves lives but also contributes to reducing pollution levels and environmental impact



In Hungary, since 2011 the Generali health bus visits a number of cities on a yearly basis, offering medical check-ups. The check-up is carried out by a general practitioner inside the bus and includes eye tests, skin tests to check for any melanomas, body composition analysis and blood tests, with special attention to cholesterol and blood glucose levels. A booklet is given to everyone with the test results and any advice by the GP. As a result of this programme, many cases of serious illness have been identified especially involving the cardiovascular system and cases of melanomas; in these cases, the patients were invited to contact a specialist.

In Hungary, since 2013 we have been supporting the Safety Bus project targeted to local primary schoolchildren. The aim is to raise their awareness of road safety and the perception of common domestic accidents. The initiative is promoted by United Way Hungary with the aim of decreasing the number of accidents and preventing high-risk situations at the earliest stage of life. The programme is managed by well-trained teachers and based on an interactive learning process focusing on improving cooperation among children with practical exercises, team work and drama pedagogy.

8 thousand medical screenings in 2016

22 cities visited in 2016



Generali organises specific events on road safety in various countries, often in cooperation with local police forces and institutions.


Potholes project: the project was conceived in 2011 and involves road monitoring by drivers who are encouraged to report any potholes to the regional governments and road maintenance services through an app and website. Thanks to this project, over 2,700 potholes have been repaired up to today, equal to an estimated saving in claims of over € 1.1 million.



Living Roads: Generali Foundation for Safety installed high-visibility anti-slip surfaces on 23 roads, which help reduce breaking distances by 50%. The initiative focused on road sections associated with higher risk of accidents, for example before zebra crossings or sharp bends.


Apple and Lemon: every year, in association with the police force, Generali promotes a weeklong prevention initiative called Apple and Lemon where the police organises roadside checks accompanied by pupils. Drivers who drive in violation of the rules of the road are given a lemon and a ticking-off from the children, instead of a fine, whereas drivers who drive safely, are given an apple. This year, a total of 1,702 cars were checked; of these, 1,224 drivers were awarded with an apple and 478 were sanctioned with a lemon.


Family hour: the project was organised by AMZS, the Slovenian national motor vehicle association, and involved meetings with families in various cities of Slovenia during which road safety prevention and information activities were presented. Children and adults were able to find out what it feels like being turned upside down inside a car and to try a driving simulator, as well as other activities that taught them how to react in case of a collision.

Alcohol locks: in order to guarantee the safety of pupils travelling from home to school and back again, the project - in cooperation with the European Transport Safety Council - consists of locking the buses used for transport with locks that are opened only after the driver has passed the breathalyser tests connected to them.


De-icing Asphalt: the project was carried out together with the department of chemistry and biological engineering of Koç University and TUPRAS (Energy Company) and consists of a scientific study aimed at cutting down insurance price by reducing road accidents caused by snow and sudden ice formation. Solutions are also sought to reduce the use of salt on roads the cost of which has a significant impact on the country’s economy, with the aim to use the money saved for the maintenance and repair of roads.

40 schools in 2016

14 thousand children involved in 2016