Social and economic inclusion

In a context of general economic crisis, we focus greatly on the issues of employment and integration by supporting:

  • initiatives that favour employment and integration through social and occupational inclusion/reintegration and the rehabilitation of young people, in terms of both education and employment
  • projects for the social integration of disadvantaged people (poor, immigrants, the disabled etc.) in school, at work, in sports and in the cultural sphere
  • financial and insurance education programmes to familiarise people with important topics for everyday life
  • initiatives to promote diversity through the development of personal skills that are targeted to mixed groups based on gender, race and disability.

Financial inclusion and education

In India, Generali supports the Muktshala residence in partnership with Pride India. The project seeks to guarantee the right to education to 80 children and teenagers aged between six and sixteen. They are the children of the migrant workers of Raigad, in the district of Maharashtra, an area which has seen the eradication of the native population, leading to high levels of truancy. The aim of the project is to increase at least by 55% access to quality education and by 80% children’s learning levels in a year.
In the residential structure provided, the children are welcomed in an environment that is appropriate for their development, with access to food, medical support, education with qualified teachers, teaching and sports material, and supporting material for the various extra-curricular and recreational activities.


In India, in partnership with Srujna Charitable Trust Generali organised a financial literacy workshop for 50 disadvantaged women for the purpose of promoting their financial inclusion in the community. The meeting focused on the importance of debt and credit, of personal and family insurance, on how to manage a bank account and a credit card, on how to invest savings, and on how to access public funds for business start-ups.


We have supported Fondazione Adecco in Spain since 2006, which deals with the employment of persons aged over 45 and belonging to protected categories: women on their own with family responsibilities, victims of domestic and gender violence.
As well as providing our usual financial support, in 2016 the Foundation launched voluntary initiatives involving Group employees:

  • Reforestation: 24 employees worked for one day to help plant 200 pine trees for a reforestation project
  • Canal Olimpic: 19 employees spent one day practising sports activities
  • Kitchen classes: 15 employees worked for one day to help the group during their training activities.

 SDG 8

Activities with disabled people

58 employees involved


In 2016, the winning project of Volunteering Challenging Ideas, the contest dedicated to all Generali Group employees and involving 216 colleagues from 24 countries, was developed in Spain.
The winning idea called Generali Schools aimed at supporting the education of disadvantaged children, both financially and in terms of social integration.
Carried out in partnership with the NGO Mayas, the project consisted of two different initiatives:

  • Generali Meal Benefits, which provides financial help to families who are not able to pay for school meals for their children; 48 children benefited freely of the school canteen

 SDG 1

  • Generali Private Lessons, which aims to improve the basic reading and writing skills of primary school students with learning difficulties. 300 children took part in the reading and writing sessions run by teachers, Mayas tutors and 12 employees from Generali.

SDG 4 

48 meals

300 children involved

12 employees


In Indonesia, Generali signed a partnership with the NGO HOPE and together they set up a number of corporate volunteering initiatives in which 50 employees took part. A storytelling activity was carried out with children aged between 5 and 12 assisted by Hope in Singapore in the area of Tanah Merah and consisted of the interactive creation of a story on the theme of gratitude.
Furthermore, to involve the sales force on payroll, a programme specifically dedicated to housewives, unemployed workers and workers was created, called Inspiration Class, with the aim of introducing basic information about insurance and financial planning.

 SDG 4 SDG 8

5 groups of children

50 employees


On Children’s Day, in Argentina, 300 employees carried out volunteering activities at 40 social institutions chosen by them, especially orphanages and special needs schools. The purpose of the initiative, which involved a total of 2,500 children, was to organise a day based on games and gifts.


2,500 children

300 employees


In Italy, the Volontari per un Giorno (Volunteers for a Day) project allowed 72 employees to join initiatives that they themselves selected totalling 192 hours of volunteering:

  • Charity temporary shop: a number of promotional stalls of charity associations and foundations were set up inside the offices of Mogliano Veneto, Milan, Rome and Turin, where volunteers assisted by employees promoted their projects, raised funds and sold items. 25 organisations were hosted in 2016
  • Io sostengo la ricerca con tutto il cuore (I sustain research with all my heart): 60 employees helped the Telethon Foundation in raising funds inside the Charity Temporary Shop
  • Minori e la rete – Lotta al Cyberbullismo (Minors and the web - Combating cyberbullying): in order to combat cyberbullying, employees that deal with information technology on a daily basis provide their knowledge through education and training activities for pupils from schools in the province of Treviso.

SDG 4 

On 4 and 5 November 2016, the first Italian ELLE active! forum was supported, following the events held in France, Spain, Japan, China and Korea. The forum was promoted by Elle magazine and focused on the issue Women and Work. The event included interactive labs and motivation paths with experts, coaches and trainers, and was designed to help women identify their own personal strategies, believe in themselves and gain confidence in their abilities.
The forum was an important opportunity to share ideas and experiences, involving over 2,000 women, 120 training workshops, 200 speakers and 250 individual sessions.
Generali allowed 100 employees of its Milan offices to take part in the forum, while 30 employees offered social security, financial and job interview consultancy.

SDG 5 

72 volunteers

192 hours of volunteering