Build an Agile Organization & New Capabilities

Costruire un’Organizzazione Agile e investire in nuove competenze


  • building a simpler Group organization
  • simplifying our HR processes with a cutting-edge platform
  • identifying and investing in key new capabilities
  • sustaining smart working and developing a new approach to working that empowers us by increasing our flexibility, autonomy and responsibility

In view of the market and evolving context we live in, we believe it essential to seek and acquire new skills. We recognise the importance in generating value, by adopting avant-garde abilities and techniques. For this reason, we strive to develop and strengthen our advanced analytical skills from internal and external data. During 2016 the Group Head Office inaugurated the Advanced Analytics Solution Center, a centralised analytical skills unit to support all of the Group’s business units with the task of developing analytical and innovative approaches for the management of Big Data Analytics solutions.

Smart working is a new managerial philosophy based on greater flexibility and autonomy when choosing how to work, resulting in increased empowerment with regard to results. We are currently testing and implementing smart working initiatives in over 15 Group companies. Smart working is integrated with the work-life balance solutions already available: flexible working hours, part-time work, working time account, parental leave and company crèches for employees’ children.


We innovate in order to ensure our success in the long term

We received awards in a number of countries for our human resources management policy:

human resources management policy

In order to meet the needs of the everyday life of the 3,000 people who work in the Mogliano Veneto offices in Italy, we set up the Timesaving Services, a number of simple and practical activities that help avoid queuing up and wasting time:

  • Temporary shop that allows leading local and national businesses to present and sell their products in a company area, at established times
  • Dry cleaning that gives employees the opportunity to deliver and collect any clothes that need cleaning directly where they work
  • Dairy products that gives employees the opportunity to order dairy products online from a dairy farm and collect their purchases directly at work
  • Physiotherapy that gives employees the opportunity to schedule check-ups with a physiatrist and receive physiotherapy directly where they work
  • Tyre change that offers a seasonal tyre change service directly where employees work.