We employ almost 74 thousand people all over the world, offering the chance to establish a stable, long-term relationship with us. We select the best people, assessing those with a brilliant education, post-graduate programmes and knowledge of foreign languages.

73,727 employees


89.3% permanent employees

50.6% men


52.1% permanent male employees

49.4% women


47.9% permanent female employees

Social dialogue and union relations

In line and in compliance with the provisions of law, local practices and cultures, we recognise the right to join a trade union, to have freedom of association, to appoint workers’ representatives. In accordance with local regulations and practices, we also recognise the exercise of the relative representatives’ functions, including the right to collective bargaining.

Employee representatives are suitably informed, in observance of the deadlines established by local regulations and practices, about significant organisational changes at least 30 days prior to such changes (25 days in the event of company transfers) in the majority of countries.

79.3% employees covered by collective bargaining agreements*

91.9% of workers represented*

* The data refer to Group companies (with the exclusion of the Europ Assistance group) equal to 69,007 employees (93.6% of the total).

Social dialogue with the European Works Council

The Group’s social dialogue takes the form of a constructive and cooperative approach that fully respects different roles and goals. In line with national legislation, culture and practices, the European Social Charter of the Generali Group promotes social dialogue, fostering debate with the workers’ representatives for the personal and professional growth of the workers and the consolidation of equal opportunities. Consistent with the European legal framework, since 1997 we have developed a forum for European social dialogue - in application of the European directive regarding the establishment of a European works council or a procedure for the purposes of informing and consulting employees - known as European Works Council (EWC) of Generali. It is the only body representing workers at European level which we dialogue with. It focuses on projects and international initiatives of interest to workers. Social dialogue in the EWC of Generali is governed by a specific corporate agreement.

80.6% workers represented in the EWC

43 representatives from 18 European countries

9 meetings totalling 18 days, 3 of which dedicated to training



In the event of company reorganisations, we safeguard our people by assigning, where necessary, new roles with targeted training or professional requalification measures, depending on each person’s skills and experience. We prioritise initiatives that seek to minimise impact such as resignation incentives, consensual local mobility and relocations to other Group companies.

Responsible management of reorganisations

In Germany we started the Simpler, Smarter, for You programme designed to implement a simplification and reorganisation process that envisages cost savings to improve the Group’s efficiency. By way of an agreement reached with the local Group Works Council, the potential reduction in staff will be managed through voluntary redundancy, thus avoiding dismissals and burdensome social costs.