Promote Engagement & Empowerment

Promote Engagement & Empowerment


We are living in times of volatility, change and uncertainty. We can be successful in this environment only if we engage and empower our people. Engagement is the passion and energy beneath our wings. Empowerment means sharing power, information and skills at all levels. Engagement and empowerment together will give us the momentum to create our future and be excellent.Monica Possa
Group HR & Organization Director


  • Measuring and promoting engagement

June 2015

Global Engagement Survey, the first step on a path aimed at making Generali an even better place to work

82% engagement rate

85% response rate


more than 330 local actions to respond to specific opportunities for improvement arising in the Group’s various countries and companies, the most recurring of which are:

  • improving communication
  • promoting empowerment and enablement to be simpler, smarter, faster
  • developing a culture focused on the customer

June 2017

second edition of the Global Engagement Survey, a further fundamental step on our path of engagement and continuous improvement

Employee engagement

As an answer to the Global Engagement Survey, in Italy we developed the Progetto Giovani di Generazione Futura (Future Generations Project) aimed at mapping the skills of people under 36, identifying their motivations and so outlining career paths for them. 1,660 people were involved. After conducting a number of tests, feedback and suggestions were provided for their selfdevelopment, followed by participation in the most convenient development centre in order to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

We launched the Roll-out empowerment in Switzerland, where our leaders, managers and employees were invited to participate in a workshop on the theme of Empowerment & Enablement. The goal was to find new ideas, share best practices, identify priorities and promote solutions through constructive criticism and discussion.


  • Creating and embedding a new global managerial system

which equips our managers with the necessary mindset, skills and tools to effectively manage our people and the organization


  • 11 focus groups to better understand the management capacities required to promote empowerment
  • 243 participants with diverse profiles (geographies, seniority, gender, levels and professional background)

The objective is also to design a management school that offers a consistent management training program for all new Group managers.


  • Boosting a performance culture

We strive to provide every one of our people with the opportunity to dialogue in a structured manner with their managers regarding individual performance in light of predefined targets, and to be assessed regularly in a fair and transparent manner. We support the employees’ development and engagement to accomplish our business strategy, to get a high performing staff and to enhance our culture of feedback.


61% employees assessed*


100% employees assessed following a common Group framework

* The data refer to the Group companies equal to 64,447 employees or 87.4% of the total.


  • Improving diversity and inclusion

We commit to valuing the uniqueness of people and diversity of thought, particularly in relation to generation, gender and geographical differences.

We wish to increase diversity and improve inclusion to make our organisation even more innovative and capable of interpreting and understanding the changes under way and of turning them into business opportunities.

Diversity, inclusion



Several activities were developed aimed at enhancing inclusion:

  • creation of an international network of colleagues to facilitate an aligned and consistent approach to diversity and promote a concrete plan of initiatives throughout the Group
  • launching of the Breaking bias and building bridges programme, that has involved a considerable number of people from the international HR offices on the topic of unconscious bias and the impact that this may have in decision-making processes, with a focus on people selection, management, promotion and performance management processes
  • adhesion to the Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro project for people aged 16 and 17 years, aimed at enhancing the connection between Generali and new generations by accompanying young people in their first experience in the world of employment
  • sponsorship of the Imagine Bocconi project, aimed at creating innovative ideas for Generali through a competition (hackathon) among teams of Bocconi students, from different post-graduate courses and of different nationality
  • support in the organization of Elle Active Forum, an Italian female empowerment event, the first edition of which was held in Milan and engaged many people from the Group as speakers, coach and participants
  • appointment of Frédéric de Courtois as Group D&I Sponsor


Our commitment to enhance people’s diversity and inclusion continues through:

  • introduction of training courses in all managerial training programmes at Group level for the purpose of maximising the value of diversity, teamwork and inclusion
  • launching of the second edition of the Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro project, involving even more schools and company departments
  • launching of the Imagine Bocconi project with the participation of students even from international universities
  • implementation of D&I Colourful Program, a programme aimed at identifying local projects in order to create awareness and to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion


Diversity, inclusion