Strengthen our Leadership & Talents

Rafforzare le Competenze 2 dei nostri Leader e Talenti


  • providing succession plan for top positions and clear career paths
  • developing leadership skills
  • identifying and developing talents at local and Group level
  • attracting, selecting and retaining the best people through internal mobility and training programs

We have always focused on developing and strengthening the technical and other skills of all of our people.

The Global Leadership Programs offer training programmes for Group leaders and talents aimed at promoting strategic thought and leadership skills, and at providing participants with different managerial tools. For this purpose, we cooperate with leading partners such as the International Institute for Management Development, INSEAD, DUKE Corporate Education and Wharton School for managerial training.
We also count on partners such as MIB School of Management and the University of Trieste for technical training.

Attracting talent

trained people

37.3 average hours
of training per capita

€ 61.2 mln
training costs

We developed various initiatives as part of the Global Leadership Programs:

  • Step Up, a 6-day training programme designed together with IMD Business School for around 160 senior managers of the entire Group. The course is based on the selfanalysis of one’s leadership style and aims at providing tools for developing individual and group skills, involving and empowering teams, increasing participants’ awareness of their role as a leader, improving performances and the ability to lead a team, and supporting the implementation of our strategy
  • Leave Your Mark, a 5-day course in collaboration with INSEAD Business School which involved globally 200 young managers and talents in 2016. On the one hand, the initiative aimed at transforming managerial skills into leadership abilities in order to support talents when passing from managers to leaders. On the other hand, its aim was to provide our future leaders with the necessary tools for acting as ambassadors of transformation required for achieving our strategic objectives
  • Global Mentoring Program, a 12-month training programme involving 26 senior leaders and 51 global talents. The aim of the programme was to support the development of future leaders’ careers and skills by enhancing and sharing the experience gained by the senior leaders.

Generali Advanced Technical Education (GATE) was developed at Group level, a multi-year programme, attended by 700 people from 26 countries and addressing the Group’s main professional communities (e.g., Life Insurance, P&C Insurance, Claims, Finance, Investments, Risk Management, Big Data & Analytics). Its aim is to pursue technical excellence and improve it on a continuous basis.
In order to involve people with greater seniority and professional experience and to help them keep up with the changes needed for implementing our future strategies, in Italy we developed a training programme that involved 357 people aged over 55. The training objectives were to create awareness of the future of the insurance sector, enhance professional life cycles and create an intergenerational pact by sharing know-how.


After a process for the development of professional and personal skills addressing 28 talents, 18 were assessed and included in the development path of the EMEA area which was held in Amsterdam, Vienna and Zurich. We also organised a training programme involving 60 participants from EMEA countries to prepare our talents to the new challenges of change. The programme was divided into two parts lasting 3 days each. In the first part we developed participants’ personal skills while in the second part we dealt with the managerial system and leadership skills. Our recruiting activities were awarded with a silver medal at the Career’s Best Recruiters while the City of Vienna ranked us as Top Lehrbetrieb (Top Apprenticeship Company) for the results and success of our apprenticeship programme for young people who wish to embark on a business career.

In France, to retain our talents, we launched career and professional development programmes, and we implemented a skills model for the purpose of assessing the professional level of staff and so define a development plan. In 2016 the Talent Programme identified and assessed 32 talents who received a personal development plan established by their managers and by human resources. The mentoring programme, seeking to help the professional development of talents, involved 32 managers who received special training to perform this role.