Creating value through excellence in the management of claims

Claims management and settlement is a key stage of the relationship with our clients. It is the moment when the Group responds to its contractual promise, and when the client can be won or lost. It is an area where we are committed to ensuring excellent service quality and attention to clients’ differing needs. We have defined the Group Claims Management Guidelines to ensure that a simpler and smarter claims management approach is adopted in all countries in which we operate.

Through the Claims: the Generali way project we aim to handle claims by offering a service that is considered excellent by clients, distributors and the market, and that is supported by the outstanding technical performance.

To achieve this goal, we are committed to:

  • accelerating the definition of the services we provide in order to implement more efficient processes
  • building new distinctive services to respond to clients’ needs and improve their satisfaction
  • increasing the fight against fraud through targeted actions and process monitoring
  • improving technical profitability.

Furthermore, to maintain excellent quality in the services delivered and to ensure integrity with regard to human and labour rights, the fight against corruption and respect for the environment, we ask the partners who work with us in the claims management and settlement sector to align themselves to the provisions set out in the Ethical Code for suppliers of the Generali Group.

Excellence in the management of claims


3 million claims handled in a year

11 thousand persons involved in claims management

€ 48,871 mln claims paid


Claims management is one of the core components of our value chain. It is the moment of true where we are measured on our ability and capability of delivering on the promise by customers, distributors and our employees. Valter Trevisani
Group Chief Insurance Officer


Among the activities that we are implementing to redefine processes, there are initiatives to improve relations and increase service customisation.

We Indemnisation Innovate

We launched the WINOV project in France, a new claims settlement method for homes, providing greater service customisation. Every professional involved in claims management receives specific training and is provided with suitable tools and with the autonomy required to identify client needs and find the appropriate solution for their needs.

We are working on the implementation of new initiatives to respond to new client needs through distinctive services.

Qui per VoiIn Italy the Qui per Voi (Here with You) service is available: an action procedure in the event of significant damage caused by a natural event which can involve many people. Through Generali Qui per Voi, the Natural Events Team takes action within 48 hours and, if physical locations are not available, a mobile office ensures that the team is fully operational in the area of the event.
The activation process involves company staff, assessors, claims adjusters and agents, and is based on:

  • watchmen, who monitor the event in the area
  • event manager, who activates the services suited to the emergency situation
  • a task force that supports the agencies throughout the country, dealing with the opening of claims files and the identification and coordination of partners for defining and settling claims
  • a dedicated line, to promptly assist clients
  • a mobile operating base, in case natural events make the local structures and agencies unusable.

As a result of the cooperation with several specialised partners, Generali Qui per Voi offers immediate recovery or repair of goods. The services differ in case of damage to homes, businesses or cars and include house cleaning with the support of a network of craftsmen, the renovation of facilities and machinery, the securing of non-damaged material, the intervention of repairers, the temporary shop for repaired or saved goods, and payment of an advance on compensation.
As part of the T-NPS initiative, based on the feedback received specifically in the context of claims settlement, we made significant improvements in 12 business units with regard to the quality of the services provided by partners such as mechanics, body shops, roadside assistance managers and health operators, identifying the best performance and the most critical services.



Availability of information

The difficulties in settling claims and the lack of information on the progress of settlement were the critical issues raised by Hungarian clients.
The cross-functional team dealing with this issue introduced a procedure that includes a first contact with the client to explain the settlement procedure, followed by a written communication.



Quality service of suppliers involved in claims management

While appreciating Generali and its fast service delivery, some clients complained about the quality of the services provided by professionals such as plumbers, repairmen, paint shop operators, etc..
Specific training was delivered therefore to the staff who are directly involved in assessing and selecting suppliers. In addition, a process was created that monitors customer satisfaction levels with respect to the service provided by the professional. Through this system, a list of suppliers was created allowing us to deliver them specific training courses organized by Generali to improve the service offered and, in some cases, to exclude suppliers that did not meet the required standards.



We are committed to combating fraud and this is why we have developed the Claims Fraud Program to monitor the entire value chain in the claims management and to identify the critical stages where action needs to be taken.

Our commitment to combating fraud is focused on three areas:

  • ensuring management quality and greater client focus
  • strengthening cost control and operational efficiency
  • developing cooperation and a positive atmosphere in the community.

The programme involves all business units through:

  • cooperation between the departments involved in claims management and dedicated investigation units
  • the identification of fraud and of processes to prevent any losses due to fraud
  • the development of control and monitoring systems to detect fraud, the investigation of suspected cases, and reporting and trend monitoring systems.

Thanks to the measures implemented, we recorded significant results in the fight against fraud. Our aim is to further improve, through the efforts made by all the people involved in damage compensation activities and thanks to advanced process analysis systems.

Prevention of corruption

Prevention of corruption


Increased savings thanks to the fight against fraud

Increased savings thanks to the fight against fraud