Creating value through simple and effective solutions

We are committed to listening carefully to our clients’ needs and expectations, in order to offer them simple and effective solutions.

At Group level, we created Mobile Hub, a platform that enables our clients to manage their policies easily on their own by using their mobile phone, to submit complaints, contact agents and renew contracts.

Thanks to Mobile Hub we expect to increase the frequency of contacts with our clients, thereby increasing their loyalty. The new platform will be launched during 2017 in Germany, France and Switzerland.

Product and service development



Numerous activities are underway to help us strengthen our brand, drive loyalty and become first choice for customers and distributors. NPS removes key customer and distributor pain points, Mobile Hub ensures a mobile-first approach to digital transformation and Digital Agent increases our agents’ visibility and commercial reach on web, mobile and social.Isabelle Conner
Group Chief Marketing & Customer Officer


Creating value through simple and effective solutions


We developed two important projects in France:

  • General Plain Language Program, specific training for the sales network to communicate using a simple and comprehensible language, in response to some critical issues expressed by clients in this area
  • Diamant, a project that consists of organising with a cross-cutting approach the units dealing with complaints, marketing, digitalisation, distribution, and contract underwriting and management in order to receive suggestions to improve client relations, regardless of the client’s experience and after having analysed the data resulting from the satisfaction surveys and the complaints. To network the employees joining the project, a tool was used called IDHall which proposes, analyses and checks the progress of the customer experience initiatives proposed. At the end of 2016, around 330 people had access to IDHall, with 160 registered initiatives and the development of 10 solutions with immediate and significant impact on clients.

In Spain, following the identification of improvement areas in the management of complaints, three modes were promptly set up via web, app and sms notification which allow clients to monitor and receive information about any complaints submitted. This approach improved clients’ satisfaction and trust and made calls to the call centre drop by more than 200 thousand. Following this example, other 12 countries are implementing similar actions.

In Italy, in the course of 2016, a number of innovative tools to support the network were developed aimed at guaranteeing clients increasingly transparent and thorough consulting:

  • Gway, a digital catalogue, constantly updated and available on an app for tablets. It can also be used offline and has four browsing areas - Needs, Profiles, Products and Initiatives. It enables the sales network to adequately prepare meetings with its clients and explain offers simply and quickly.
  • Commercio Easy, a digital offer simulator for retailers. It provides a rapid, fast and effective approach for selling products intended for the property and third-party liability risks
  • Digit@llCare, a digital service of Alleanza for analysing clients’ insurance and financial profiles as well as market scenarios. Combined with the MyAlleanza multimedia tool, it allows the immediate use of content (videos, financial insights, macroeconomic scenarios, news, etc.). The Digit@llCare project was awarded during the MF Award and Italy Insurance.