We contribute to the economies of the countries

Generali contributes significantly to the development and financial stability of the countries where it operates, covering a key role in a period where governments pursue the balance between growth and welfare.

The Group’s Italian and foreign companies pay income tax based on the rates and taxation rules set by the laws of each country.

In 2016 we designed and conceived a tax control framework system for detecting, measuring, managing and controlling tax risks. The framework is not yet mandatory for operators and is part of OECD’s (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) cooperative compliance. Its aim is to ensure the correct identification and appropriate control of tax risks through an approach based on an analysis that cuts across various corporate processes, in order to prevent or mitigate the risk of breaching tax regulations.

The framework includes five phases:

  • tax audit to identify relevant corporate processes for risk control purposes and relevant regulations for risk management purposes
  • mapping of existing tax processes with related risks
  • analysis of the tax compliance of the processes
  • analysis of the adequacy of the processes
  • definition and implementation of corrective measures as a result of any shortcomings found in the two previous phases.

Responsible business management

€ 0.9 bln taxes

29.1% consolidated effective tax rate


Annual Integrated Report and Consolidated Financial Statements 2016, p. 230

As institutional investors, we contribute to the development and financial stability of the countries through investment in government bonds of around € 174 billion, representing 33% of our total assets under management. We also support the development of the real economy, including through investment in corporate bonds (non-financial) of around € 70 billion.

€ 174 bln investment in government bonds

€ 70 bln investment in corporate bonds (non-financial)