We innovate in order to ensure our success in the long term

Technology, connectivity and, above all, new forms of consumer behaviour will substantially transform the insurance sector. We believe that innovation is not just a key lever for our long-term success but also an opportunity for Generali to guide the process of change as a leader of the insurance industry.

As outlined in our strategy, we prioritise innovation in order to transform the customer experience and our business model, and to provide best-in-class insurance solutions and services to our clients.

In this sphere we have adopted different approaches in both our internal and external activities:

  • internally, we are focused on promoting innovative projects and solutions across the board, structuring a process for sharing the best case studies among the individual functional areas
  • externally, we collaborate with venture capital companies and start-ups from all over the world that are able to develop new high-potential services that are scalable within the Group, and define strategic partnerships with international businesses and universities.