We innovate for society

New needs are emerging in our society which cannot be met by using tools of the past. We need to find innovative approaches, relationships and production methods in order to meet the increasing demands of people, companies and institutions.
In view of the continuous development of technology, there is also the need to create communities of people who share knowledge and skills. This is why we foster synergies between different environments and ways of thinking.

We participate in the GrowITup project, dedicated to the promotion of innovative Italian start-ups and promoted by Microsoft Italia and Fondazione Cariplo. This is an ‘open’ partnership between major Italian businesses that epitomises the Made in Italy concept and promising start-ups and has the dual goal of supporting the growth of innovative up-and-coming Italian companies and assisting established firms in the design of their future development strategies. The project will receive € 10 million in 3 years and aims to attract up to € 1 billion in investments by 2020.

We were main sponsors of the second edition of Scale It, supporting the growth of the most promising start-ups by fostering the interest of institutional investors. Scale It is a fundraising initiative that brought together 15 fast-growing Italian scaleups and over 20 international venture capital funds in Milan. In the first edition, 8 of the 11 selected scaleups raised a total of € 43.5 million, an average of € 5.4 million each, proof of the quality of the projects.

Engagement and development of communities

We innovate through collaboration with venture capital initiatives

Scaleups are innovative start-ups that have successfully come through the launch phase of their business model and which are seeking capital and strategic agreements with large enterprises to finance their growth and international expansion phase.

Thanks to our partnership with Microsoft we are working on the digital transformation of the Group through the development of internal collaboration and customer relations. More specifically, we are in the process of establishing innovative channels of communication with clients such as online meeting apps and chatbots, messaging platforms that exploit artificial intelligence so we can reply to our clientele automatically and in real time, providing relevant and suitable information both through simple text content and links, images, audio and video.

We have also signed up to the Industrial Liaison Program of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a programme dedicated to the creation and strengthening of relations between the numerous start-ups and research projects followed directly by MIT and companies from all over the world.

To stay at the cutting-edge in the field of behavioural profiling, exploiting advanced data analytics to establish concrete benefits for responsible drivers, we have finalised an agreement with The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies, global leaders in the field of telematics applied to motor insurance. This partnership will enable us to strengthen our expertise in the area of data analytics and expand our product range. As part of the agreement, the two companies will further develop their behavioural profiling systems in order to design innovative telematics products that reward those drivers most attentive to safety, helping them to improve their driving style via an individual feedback system.

We innovate through partnerships

In Italy, in partnership with Confindustria, Confagricoltura, Confartigianato, Confprofessioni and the Third sector, and with the endorsement of the Italian Prime Minister’s Office, we have promoted the Welfare Index PMI initiative to spread and promote the culture of company welfare in Italian SMEs.
The first index to analyse and incentivise the welfare of Italian SMEs, the Welfare Index PMI measures ten action areas: supplementary pensions, health, insurance for employees and families, the protection of equal opportunities and support for parents, the reconciliation of work with family commitments, economic support for employees and their families, training for employees and supporting the mobility of the future generations, safety and prevention, support for the needy and social integration, welfare extended to the community.
Welfare Index PMI was awarded the Premio Assoluto Areté 2016 prize for promoting “an across-the-board measure that meets one of the real needs of the Italian economy”.

In Italy, Generali supported the Visitinps scholars research programme aimed at analysing and monitoring social security policies related to the labour and welfare market, in order to promote a wider dissemination of social security issues. Through this project, INPS (Italian National Institute for Social Security) provides access to its database to national and international researchers interested in working on labour and social security issues and offers the opportunity to spend a period of study in Rome at the headquarters of INPS.
The collection and dissemination of the results of this research may become a key information basis for policies and debate, in the interest of social and economic research and of wide-ranging economic policy.
In the first edition of the project (2015-2016), 78 researchers submitted their application and 31 scholarship holders were selected. Given the success of the initiative, a new call for applications is envisaged in 2017 for the second edition.

2,140 Italian SMEs subjected to personalised assessments

Healthy Workplaces for All Ages

Generali Employee Benefit (GEB) Network is present in over 100 countries and serves more than 1,500 multinational companies with products and services that protect and increase employees’ well-being: from traditional life, accident and disability products to highly innovative coverage for risk management, assistance, medical and wellness programmes, as well as programmes for expatriates.

In 2016, GEB became an official partner of the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign, sponsored by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA), which involves several partners and seeks to share knowledge on safety, management and risk prevention with regard to health at work.

In the 2016-2017 period, the activities of the campaign will focus on the aging population and the pension reforms adopted by countries. European policies have already been set up to simplify staying at work even after retirement age. However, at least 25% of workers believe that staying at work could have a negative impact on their health and the results of surveys show that only 12% of people know about the existence of these policies.

The campaign therefore plays a key role in providing information about an issue of systemic relevance such as the duration of working life, which must involve:

  • an approach focused on prevention and well-being during the individual’s entire life
  • diversity management based on specific approaches by different age group
  • specific support to small and medium businesses.

 SDG 3

Working conditions can improve the well-being of employees and their families and can promote the development of productive and inclusive communities. We are proud to have joined the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign because we wish to contribute to ensuring that European citizens work in environments that take into account their diverse and changing needs.Sergio Di Caro
Chief Executive Officer of GEB