Sustainable and responsible investment funds

Thanks to a methodology, developed internally by a dedicated team, that combines traditional financial and non-financial aspects, we are able to select the best companies with regards to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development policies to set up dedicated SRI (Sustainable and Responsible Investment) funds.

The ESG analysis systematically covers 478 issuers included in the MSCI Europe index and other issuers upon request of the portfolio managers.

All companies analysed periodically receive the findings of our analysis, with the aim to discuss and highlight areas for improvement.

In particular, thanks to its application of a strict and transparent sustainability strategy in the investment process, the Ageing Population SRI fund has received important international recognition such as the Novethic SRI Label in France and the FNG Label from the Forum for responsible investment in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

€ 30.7 bln assets managed with SRI best effort methodology

Sustainable and responsible investment funds